1. Purchase of YWCO’s Services through the website and payment gateway.

  1. It is deemed understood that You will read through and acknowledge the terms and conditions laid out in this document along with any other terms, conditions and clauses, available directly to you or in the public domain, prior to purchase of services whether these Services are purchased online or offline, for self or on behalf of another.
  2. All purchase of Services provided by YWCO shall be paid for in advance only in monetary terms along with applicable taxes and charges levied by the government from time to time. Such purchase fee may also attract additional charges from partners such as payment gateway’s.
  3. In event of any purchase being inconclusive, blocked, or being left unfulfilled in any manner due to any reason whatsoever including limitation of funds, inability or incapacity of partner, technical issues, or any other restrictions of fault of any person or entity, than YWCO will not have any liability or duty of care to resolve, complete, withdraw, advocate, pursue any person or entity on behalf of another. It is understood that where such incident arises on account of limitations or restrictions of YWCO, then once such incident is bought to the notice of YWCO, YWCO may, at its discretion, provide you with either an acknowledgement of purchase of services in return for such acknowledgements or certifications or express statement as reasonably required or a full refund via a mutually convenient mode of transfer.
  4. Once a purchase is successfully completed, YWCO shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable or obligated to provide refund, return, credit, debit or other form of repayment. Successful Purchase for the purposes of this agreement shall be defined as receipt of email by You from YWCO confirming successful purchase by You of a Service after receipt of complete payment including all taxes and charges.
  5. In the event of either an incomplete, incongruous or incorrect application or purchase, YWCO reserves the right to dismiss, delay or postpone fulfilment of such application or purchase.
  6. Where your purchase consists of multiple Services, each individual Services will be treated by us as a separate offer to purchase. Acceptance by us of a Successful Purchase of an Individual Service will not be deemed an acceptance of Successful Purchase of other Services.

2. The Fees for the Services shall be as set out by YWCO from time to time. Such fee once paid shall be non-refundable.

  • Such Fee for any particular Service or part of Services is subject to change as per discretion of YWCO.
  • By initiating a Purchase with a particular Fee, you acknowledge and agree that such fee is wilfully paid by you after you have satisfied your interest and understanding as the buyer of such Services and waive any claim on grounds of wrongful representation or incompleteness or dissatisfaction of purchase.
  • Any instance of underutilization, mis-utilization or non-utilization of Services by You shall not entitle you to claim compensation in monetary terms or substation, credit, delayed or future utilization of specific Service purchased or any other.
  • The Fees are exclusive of government taxes and any 3rd party charges like payment gateway fees. Additionally, the fees shall not include any additional goods or services not mentioned by YWCO as part of goods and service covered under Services fee. In pursuance of the Service, YWCO may request you to pay additional charges for certain elements of the Service and where such elements are not included in the Service Fees. Your non-payment of such additional charges and amounts shall make you ineligible to participate, engage or experience certain parts of the Service and such ineligibility will not be considered as non-fulfilment of Service by YWCO in any circumstances whatsoever.  
  • Any fees charged by your debit or credit card provider, wallet, bank in connection with your purchase of Services are for your own account and YWCO shall not be held responsible for these.
  • Additionally, unless explicitly mentioned, it is understood that fees shall not include provision of any infrastructure, support, transport, facility or any other assistance monetary, personal, or otherwise for accessing the Service such as vehicle to travel to service location, adequate internet speed or such other requirement.